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Donate now to aid in cult recovery

Help people leave cults and rebuild their lives.

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Cindy cried herself to sleep every night. She spent day after day at "The Center" doing chores for the personal growth organization, learning to be a life coach, and being torn down at every possible moment by anyone passing by each day. She spent years working on various projects, getting invoices kicked back making them miss payment deadlines, unable to pay bills on time or have adequate food. The invoices would be kicked back for something as simple as a missing period in sentence. Stakeholders within the organization would call and question the amount of attention she spent mentally on line items in the invoice and demand a reduction if it was discovered she was preoccupied with something else while performing the task. People who left would be sued into oblivious or come up missing. She'd thought to herself on many occasions that she wished she could call someone to help her get out of there. There wasn’t help, but now there is.

The Freedom Train Project helps survivors of coercion to recreate their lives with our signature “Destinations” program, designed to assist in educating our clients about cults, planning an escape, leaving, and on to the journey to healing. We utilize unique partnerships with victim advocacy agencies, law firms, law enforcement, therapy with qualified therapists, cult education, basic needs supplies, and community resources for housing and employment. The services provided are highly targeted to the needs of these survivors during their different phases of recovery.

Your donation will provide transportation, clothing, temporary housing, and food for people who need to leave the organization. It will also provide an office space for our organization, and pay for outreach marketing to inspire survivors to start anew.